Monday, October 24, 2011

Life's Tasty Philosophy

When we come to this world, we are possessed with a large, cauldron called the Brain. Over the period that lasts a complete lifetime, we pour memories in the cauldron and keep stirring them to prepare a dish that will be worthy enough to sip, while lying comfortably on our deathbeds.

Not all dishes turn out to be tasty. What makes it tasty is the right proportion and the choice of right memories. There are memories which smell great and deceptively delicious, but end up spoiling the final taste, instead. These memories are not worth stewing.

One should understand the importance of a memory. It might appear to be worth preserving, but it might just be a passing one. Remembering it time and again and dragging it till your deathbed will bring no good and would be analogous to a dead fly in your delicious soup.


  1. I'd say our perception of memories changes with time... what I truly love recalling now.. 20 years later it might just bring a 'meh' reaction out of me.
    The cauldron stews up different tastes every time :)

  2. I think you are right, there is no point in dragging painful memories. Very nicely written...


  3. @Kay- Bingo! ;)

    @Saru- Thank you :)


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