Tuesday, October 18, 2011

'Faith: A Childish Superstition'

'Oh no no no no... no no,' ranted the stout man pointing towards the clock on the wall as if he had seen a monster. 'Who told you to hang the clock on this wall? It's the Southern wall and this clock here can cause great misfortune and most certainly, a death. Move it to any other wall except for the southern. Ram-ram-ram. Highly inauspicious.'
The pundit wore a Kurta and a Dhoti, so white that he looked like a brand ambassador for Tide washing powder. He continued to scrutinize each and every element in the room, watching suspiciously at even the smallest of things - the door knob, the nail on the wall, the hair on the floor, even an ant crawling up on the wall carrying a piece of rice. The middle-aged woman, most interestedly, looked at the pundit as if he were the reincarnation of her most sacred deity. Her son, however, looked perplexed and vexed by the unwanted visitor who was finding faults in every corner of his room.
'What's this?' asked the Pundit to the woman.
'It's a painting,' said the son with a frown.
'But of course, I can see it is a painting. But I don't think a painting of a watering can complements the rotation of your ruling planet. Either you remove this painting or keep a Flute under its Beam. That will negate the rotation...' continued the Pundit.
The pundit advised over 10 changes to the furniture of the room that included:
  • Changing the direction of the TV.
  • Changing the orientation of the bed.
  • Removal of the poster of Pele, because there should not be anything black or Red in any of the posters in the room. It's inauspicious. (I know it's Racist!)
  • And, keeping a picture of the bright sunrise beside the bed.
and some changes in how to behave in the room, including:
  • The direction that one should face while eating in the room
  • The right posture and direction that one should sleep in so that one doesn't have health complications.
At one point he said while sleeping, the head should be in the North-west direction and feet in the South-west direction. Imagine the shape: 
How is anyone supposed to sleep like that?
"Vastu Shastra is a traditional and ancient science which concerns how the laws of nature affect human dwellings. The designs are based on directional alignments. It is primarily applied in Hindu architecture, especially for Hindi temples, although it covers other applications, including poetry, dance, sculpture, etc."
My query to the champions of such 'Sciences' is: 'How will I lead a more prosperous life than I currently am, by shifting my bed in some other direction?'
It is totally bizarre how people believe in such superficial theories. People say it has survived for centuries. The truth is that Vastu Shastra's major break happened, some 20 years back, when the lust for culture and archaeological excavations began to rise. Agreed that the five elements of Vastu Shastra viz. Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space are basically mathematical models, which have long been proven. But, what we see being propagated is not 'Science'. It is a venomous mixture of Religion and Science. One is based on hearsay and myths. Other is based on Facts.

It shows how badly people want to live their lives prosperously. They want to make the best out of it and they want to keep improving the standards of living. Living in the age of science and technology, everyone wants a formula, an empirical technique, a button which if they press, will automatically make/keep them healthy and wealthy. Not to forget Religion, which has always been there. The modern-age proponents of Vastu Shastra have mixed the traditional concept of 'Science' with Religion, making people follow it not because of it's authenticity, but merely on the basis of Faith.

This 'Vastu Science' also includes the concept of Vastu Purush, which itself forms base for 40 Gods and deities, thus placing the two most contradicting elements of the world side by side: Science and Religion. The whole concept I believe is spreading just because it has too many popular and attractive elements attached to it: Lust for lost culture and tradition, Religion, Lost Sciences. But, hardly anyone focuses on the RESULT.

The 'Vastu Science' has now transformed into a business. The business is similar to that of, what in medical terms is known as a 'Placebo', but with all the side-effects. Middle-aged women are influenced by the glorified TV advertisements which show Pundits discussing Vastu Shastra and a ticker on the right hand side asking them to call a hotline number to chat with the experts. The experts claim to hold a PhD in Vastu Shastra. What's most intriguing is that, there actually DOES exist a PhD program in Vastu Shastra.

I am not against Vastu Shastra. If a particular science delivers fruit, then it is for sure worth utilizing. And it will propagate by itself, with hardly any promotion. But if something is followed blindly and then sold in the name of 'Science' coupled with Religion, then, it is just disrupting Harmony(cornerstone of Vastu Shastra). If you think changing the direction of your bed or your house, according to what some 'PhD in Blind Faith' say, will impart wisdom in you or at least give you a direction in life, then you are in for a fall.


  1. Ahh..Since when did you get so serious..!!
    Not to take away the credit..the piece is interesting..

  2. @Sakshi- Oh don't worry, I will write something funny next time :P This I witnessed recently, so shared my thoughts ;)

  3. Wikipedia is one of the most ridiculous sources of information. Anyone can go and write anything on the site and it gets published.
    The other arguments in your article are well taken. I observe a lack of depth of understanding of abstract that is why there is so much vehemence in your opposition...

  4. @Anonymous- I quoted Wikipedia to highlight the very fact that you are making. LACK OF DEPTH OF UNDERSTANDING. What is portrayed need not be the same in reality.

    You are absolutely right. A commoner like me can't understand the pure logic behind the Relation between 'Architectural optimization' and 'Prosperity'. And I believe, so can't many who actually follow Vastu blindly.

    My stand is not against principles of Vastu Shastra. My stand is against the Blind following of something which has not been propagated in the way it was originally originated.

    I can safely say I, living in a non Vastu-conformed house, am much more happier and healthier than most people living in Vastu-constructed homes. People should understand it does not GUARANTEE prosperity. It only suggests HABITS which can make you healthy.

    Vastu has no doubt many valid SCIENTIFIC derivations. But, all the ancient doctrines of Vastu Shastra may not be applicable in the present scenario in their entirety. Some of the tenets particularly show a strong social bias, which was relevant to the social structure which existed at that time. Such tenets have certainly lost their significance now.

  5. Faith is the main thing to believe others

  6. When i was a kid i don't believe in superstition and now that i am an successful hair dresser in Finland i learn and know that important of believing in superstitions .

  7. I like your article so that I read all of your articles in a day. Please continue and keep on writing excellent posts.


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