Wednesday, September 14, 2011

24th April, 2014

The two had heard the news and waited patiently for their new cellmate. They were the happiest prisoners of them all - the only two who were kept in this lavish-looking, glass-walled prison. Resting at peace, on their gilded beds covered with red, silk bed-sheets, they waited the whole day. The day before, they learnt about the possible arrival of someone they have heard about and envied, for the past 5 years. The two talked about how one of them had arrived exactly 5 years ago on this very day. All three of them were attached to a common thread - a common friend. Today was his 41st birthday. The two had no cake to celebrate but they were getting the best return gift in the form of the new entrant.

After a long wait, he arrived and was most respectfully guided to his new cell. 'Introductions first. He is Power and I am Genius', said the younger of the two. Genius was heftier as compared to Power. Power was as lanky and slender as a willow shoot.
'Hi, you can call me Adi', said the new entrant. He was as hefty as Genius, but with broader shoulders, though he was a little younger than Genius. He sat down next to the two. They both knew what was going through his mind. Of course, he will be disappointed. Who would not be, after such long association with a man of high honor?
'Oh we know who you are. We both have been there. We know what's it like. He was our friend too.', said Power.
Adi was startled. 'How do you two know him? I can guess you know me by Television, but if you were his friends, I should know you too.'
'I met him in Mumbai some 26 years ago. We were together for 6 years, until I was sent here. When we parted, he was still a young boy by his face, but already a man by his character. I still remember I cried my eyes out and thought of the wonderful moments we had, the trips we undertook together. We had visited almost every continent by then and had touched almost every heart. I did not regret the pounding I got. In fact, whenever the cork and leather touched my middle, I was overwhelmed and made sounds of pure joy', said Power, dabbing his teary eyes.

Genius sighed and removed his glasses. 'I was unfortunate to miss his initial days. When I met him in Chennai, he looked at me with a world load of expectation. Power was his favorite and he wanted someone just like him, if not better. Luckily, I didn't disappoint him. Whenever he succeeded, he used to lift me up and show me to the heavens above. We went where no other living being has ever stepped foot. It was a fairy tale. The best moment was the one in the middle-east, I got the pounding of a lifetime and it was so overwhelming. Even today, when I think of that night, I get goosebumps', recounted Genius while cleaning his glasses. 'I remember, it was September when I first saw you Adi. It was a dreadful day. My time was over and he had moved on again - to you. I had so many questions and apprehensions about you. No offence, but you just looked so thick and heavy, both body and brains. But, he managed you very well. In fact, I can now proudly say you proved me wrong by being with him - steady and strong - on the proudest day of his life. Me and power sat right here, and saw you two bring glory', continued Genius.

Adi was dumbstruck. A tear trickled down his cheek. 'On my way here, I was nostalgic and missed him already. I can't imagine how I would survive without his blessings.'

'So, now for the big question, who is your replacement?', asked Genius.

'Nobody. He announced his retirement', said Adi dejectedly.

Silence prevailed for a couple of minutes. The trio looked at the heavens and prayed for a while.
'Happy 41st birthday Sachin Tendulkar', recited all three in unison.

'So, what about us now. Do we stay here forever?', asked Adi.

'No, they take us to Madame Tussauds tomorrow morning and we will be held by Sachin's replicas', stated Power.

'Hope there is a TV there, I would love to watch some old Sachin videos', said Genius.

'Yeah, specially his double century', winked Ad.

'Show off!!'. They all laughed

And the lights died out without anyone hearing their guffaws.

Credit Roll:
Power:                   1988 to 1994
MRF 'Genius':       1994 to 2009
Adidas:                  2009 onwards


  1. To be honest.. I didn't understand a word even after finishing the first paragraph.. then I scrolled down and read the credits.. THEN I got it :P

  2. hahhahha....lo bhaiya paddh liya...dimaag kha liya tha tumne....well written!!....


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