Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Writing is on the Wall

The first drops of rain,
the smell of grass,
I rock on my armchair,
penning down that freshness.

The summer sun scorches,
dead silence in the streets,
I sit under a shady tree,
penning down that calmness.

The spring, the blossom
the winter, the autumn,
I sit beside my Incense Stick,
penning down that turbulence.

Whenever I peep outside my apartment window and watch it pour down, I can't help but wonder. The rain is not only making it pleasant for us, but it proves as a vent for the heavens above, too. When the heat and the moisture becomes unbearable for the clouds, they pour down on us, venting out whatever they held inside for so long. We, humans, have similar ways to release pressure. Some cry, some scream, some write, but everyone shares. For me, a pen is the like a fast, free-flowing river which takes anything it can grab on its way, up to the sea (paper). It is like the smoke generated from an 'Incense Stick' that unwinds on its own - turbulent but still making the whole room fragrant.

Writing is a constant teacher. You can write your way out through the toughest of phases, yet, you may not write your way in for your dream job. Writing can be as easy as breathing and as tricky as deciphering the lyrics of an Eminem song - what matters most is the passion. Writing is not an innate skill, it is how well you interact with yourself and how well you express it on the paper. I am particularly reminded of one, Anne Frank - the thirteen year old who wrote her daily memoirs with such compassion that even after 67 years of her death, she continues to leave an impact on the current generation.

One's pragmatism is one's writing. One's creativity is one's writing. One's honest disposition is one's writing.


  1. What a beautiful thought and such a creative way of describing the pure drops of rain. An interesting post. Thanks for sharing it. Following your blog. You may like to follow mine.
    Barkha Dhar

  2. Thank you @Kay, @Chintan, @Barkha


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