Tuesday, July 26, 2011


They just finished watching one of the funniest horror-movies - Veerana. One legendary dialogue got them both, laughing their guts out for almost an hour, till they decided this was the maximum they can laugh before literally bursting out. The hero was calmly sipping his whiskey inside his, while the seductress witch climbed on to him slowly and gradually. The hero, resembling 'Vishwamitra', didn't budge to the 'Menaka' like witch and with all the scripted charm in him, he said:

"Tum to mere jism se aise lipat rahi ho, jaise chandan ke ped se koi naagin lipat jaati hai"
("You are wrapping yourself around me just like a snake wraps around a sandalwood tree.")
And it was madness thereafter. After their lungs longed for air, they got back to their usual lazying around in front of their laptops. "Abe, what are you doing so intently?", asked one of them. "Nothing....poking", replied the other with a wide grin. 
"Poking what?"
"You know...facebook poke!! I will poke, She pokes back..I poke back again!", said other as-a-matter-of-factly.
"Oh so, who are you poking?"
"I don't know, but she looks cute. Oh wait! we have a mutual friend too!"

Facebook and other such social networking sites have such gripping effect on people these days that they seem to have created a cyber bubble around themselves. There daily lives have been divided into two non-even parts.
  1. One, their 'Offline' life, where they sleep if they are sleepy, eat if they are hungry, drink if they are thirsty and talk to people if they want to. There are a lot of factors driving their behavior when they exist in this 3-Dimensional form. Their offline life generally takes up about 20 hours of their designated 24 hours.
  2. During the remaining 4 hours, they are a different self. Their 'Online' self, in its 2-Dimensional form, is capable of doing anything they want. The only factor driving their behavior is their ability to type and their internet connection. They talk differently and behave differently when they talk to people online. 'Cyborg-jargon' takes control over them and instead of merely laughing, they prefer to stay straight-faced and write LOL to express their emotion.
The concept of meeting new people has entered a new era with such social networking sites providing easy access to people near you and people who COULD be near you. The traditional way of asking a girl out in a bar or a coffee shop or elsewhere is, very slowly but very surely, being taken over by online dating. You add/poke a random person on Facebook, they revert back, you get to talking, you ask for their number....and you go out. Was this really THE DREAM ?

What if.....(the CONS)
  • the person you met online didn't behave the same way 'Offline'?
  • they turn out to be a guy/girl in a fake girl's/guy's profile?
  • they are nowhere close to be interesting when they can't search for things to say on Google.
  • they don't look like the beautiful/handsome actor's photograph they chose as their profile picture?
These are the common questions every sensible person should think of before actually moving forward with this. But, still there are so many people with so many friends whom they haven't actually met. Maybe their philosophy is different from us.

Maybe they think ....(the PROS)
  • they can increase their options of meeting their perfect match with the 'Online' world.
  • they can network more and maybe make travel buddies?
  • of new job prospects through the new people they meet?

After thinking about both - the pros and cons, one has already put so much thought to the people they haven't met yet, that they can't back out now. Such is the growing craze, that I feel like the hero of that movie VEERANA, with the seductive witch - Facebook, trying to take me under covers ;)
"Tum to mere jism se aise lipat rahi ho, jaise chandan ke ped se koi naagin lipat jaati hai"
("You are wrapping yourself around me just like a snake wraps around a Sandalwood tree.")

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