Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Handsome Smile

Rocking the armchair
the room was dark
back and forth
she seemed rather cark

Engulfed in the silence
she enjoyed her little home-jail
the newspaper fell by her side
she continued chewing each nail

There was no anticipation
she awaited none
still she remained true to her nails
like the veracity of a nun

She glanced at her nails
in her mind, a light bulb shone
she saw them smiling
and realized she wasn't alone

She smiled back at all but one...
...the one that looked mad
she bit at it from the sides
what a handsome smile it now had


  1. I enjoyed reading this and your other
    wonderful writings and poems.You seem to
    have your own style which makes for a very interesting and enjoyable read :)

  2. @rivercat - Thanks a lot :)

    @Poulomi - ? :)


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