Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Human Romance - The Gadget Hour

I write this with my heart, full of remorse and gratitude towards all those I have killed with my own bare hands. I was sitting on my armchair with an almost exploding beer tummy after having the best drink-n-dine ever. The only thing I could have done was to move my fingers around. That's exactly what killed them.

I moved my fingers around,
slid to unlock,
drag and release,
wingless slaughterers,
taking down innocent pigs..

Moving my fingers around,
the ants craved for food,
slid my hand on them,
slit their throats for good!

There were more such applications that iTunes had in store. In-fact, the next in line were the Bunnies, with the bunny shooter app. I had to use my 'Finger Slayer' app to punish my finger for all the sins it had committed (Read: Silas from Da Vinci). The food was finally settling down and I had moved my butt to the bed. 'Hitman - the Silent Assassin' was ready for his first mission: Anathema.

I was new, I was energetic. I killed everyone in sight as soon as I had my Shotgun. Hostages, civilians, the Don whom I was supposed to rescue. Everyone. I got the title 'Sociopath' at the end of the level. I saved a screen-shot and shared it on Facebook. Around 21 Likes and 20 odd comments - 'haha' from the guys and 'tch tch' from the girls.

Felt guilty. Seeked forgiveness. Used Finger Slayer on iPhone

Amidst the blood bath, the voices outside my apartment grew louder. A stray dog had just pooped on some 70-year old neighborhood uncle's doormat. He was beating the dog with his cane and his leg. I paused my Sociopath hitman and went outside and found another blood bath. I tried to give a moral lesson, on how animals were living beings too and beating them will hurt them the same way as the humans, just when the scene started to get uglier with all the "Who are YOU to tell me?" replies. But, the issue was soon resolved when his sensible son interrupted and calmed the situation down.

But, the important thing was that I never expected this from myself -  this kind of moral gesture. One cannot be judged by the kind of Gadget they own or the kind of customization they have done to it. One can be as stylish, as civil and as well-maintained with all the cool gadgets in the book, and still can be totally opposite in character. Humans have been interacting with humans and other animals since the beginning of the earth. They are the mirrors of each other. Not the Gadgets. Gadgets are just their latest fling.

Your personality is reflected by your behavior, not by your sleek finger movements to turn on a Gadget.

*This post is a part of the Indiblogger contest 'Change is easy'. Indeed, change IS easy with the new Dell Inspiron.


  1. hahahaha....... vanity fair chala hai

  2. Aw man, the dog chose the wrong door :P

  3. time I will make sure it gets the right door ;P

  4. Yea, tell him to poop near RACHIT's door! (Just making it clear!)

  5. Don't you worry, I had it all clear. I say it again, I will make sure he gets the RIGHT door ;)

    I will leave a series of sign boards, just like Jerry left for Tom, when Tom was sleepy.

    Are you full? *Dog nods*

    Do you want to lay your junk down? *Dog nods*

    Then go right ahead *Dog scrams across towards your door* :P

  6. Dogs can't read!
    But they love cookies. And I'll train one to poop on your door step. You'll have fresh poop every morning! :P

  7. Neither can cats and mouses though :P

    I will have to use the master weapon then. I would 'place' a hot looking bitch in front of your door. They will eat together. Poop together. Live happily ever after together :p

  8. You just gifted me two dogs. I'll get them inside and potty train them. Thank you! :P

  9. You lost two dogs to me. You are bound to be sad.
    It's okay. You can come and see them once in a while. *pats your head*

    *smirks behind your back*

  10. I gave two homeless dogs a home. I am happy about them. Of course I will visit them, I will never leave them to be high and dry with you ;)

    *ruffles your hair*

    Be a good girl and go play with your doggies.. no poopies around :P


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