Sunday, May 1, 2011

O' Sweet Celluloid

  • How hard should it be to watch movies non-stop the whole day?
  • Can one be patient enough?
  • Can there be quality enough?
  • Can it be worth wasting one's 'Outdoorsy' time on an activity so meek that it can actually give one, a head-ache?
My back and head are numb. My laptop is hotter than the Sun. Yet, the greed and desire to watch more resembles the prehensile tail of dog, say, Scooby-Doo.
The movie fest began this morning -


10 am,

When the movie started and I saw actors from the Harry potter series, my expectations shot up further. Indeed, the Oscar was worth it. The concept, the acting and the scenery was so enchanting, one could empathize with the stuttering King. Commendable job I say. Perfect start to my day!

12-30 pm,

I was so permeated with inspiration, I thought, it's time to get High on the inspiration. This movie is so earnestly made, one can step into a typical Indian teenager's shoes and experience what pressure amounts him/her. His/Her career is solely dependant on how broad or how narrow his/her family thinks. On the other hand, it also made me wonder - it would have been really cool to have a sibling. Being the only child does suck sometimes. Nevertheless, the new theme and inspiration for me now - Up, Udaan and Away!!

3-30 pm,

"No matter who your opponent is, control the outcome. It's always on you."
Be it Jean Roqua or Solomon Vandy, Djimon Hounsou has never backed down on being the ultimate support to the Main Hero of a story. What fighting skills. Bravo! The movie had everything - Hard Action, Hot chicks, Awesome songs - every spice a perfect dish calls for.

6 pm,

O Good Gracious. Please give me back my 2 hours. It shattered the image I had of Kate Winslet and Winston 'The Wolf' Wolfe - Harvey Keitel. As they say, even if a story pretends to be about weed, Indian Godmen, Lesbians, trans-sexualism, Mood swingers, Psychiatric treatments, Religious Cults and any other controversial topic you can think of - It still can suck!
Shed this Holy Horror of my head, somebody.

8 pm,
If you talk of Picturisation, it was Perfect. If you talk of dialogues, there were hardly any. Bobby Sands played by Michael Fassbender shows what it's like to be a political prisoner. Superb acting. A must watch(again). I was somehow reminded of Requiem for a Dream, the picturisation was pretty similar.

10 pm,

I don't know what is it about movies from the 50s. There is always a Cat/Dog, a Bald man and a transistor radio that asks in an intriguing, deep-throated voice - "Are you sleepy?" One nods heavily. "Are you in need of a soft, warm bed?" One nods heavily again. "Then, you are welcome to Rolling Stones comfort bed store with 50% discounts on offer. Hurry! Offer valid till stocks last". They never do.
The spying photographer peeping into others' windows and claiming to be on course of solving a murder mystery. Does he? I won't tell you ! It's an Alfred Hitchcock's classic!

It ended here - the day's journey from Fantasy to Reality and back to Fantasy with a sound-night's sleep.

"Cinema is an old whore, like circus and variety, who knows how to give many kinds of pleasure."
                                                                                                         - Federico Fellini


  1. Nice selection. Well worth the day in, methinks.

  2. It surely was, I wish I can do this a lot more, when I am not in a mood to go out. Or let's just say stuck at home with a blizzard outside or something :P


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