Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I mean ... What?!?

The goal was near, the through pass was no less than awesome, the forward, who looked no less than Andre the Giant, was attacking with menace. But the south-indian goalkeeper was upto his mark. Andre shoots and South-indian saves!! And then it happened. Andre's team mate felt a lot of emotion all of a sudden. He looks in utter bewilderment at his surroundings.

Standing on one of the zebra crossing of Rajpath, with the pitch made of tar. Well rolled. 5 barricades made the right end and the left end was open to imagination. India Gate shone amidst the glistening street lights. Two challenging teams with just 2 players per side, were challenging enough for each other. It was 3am in the morning and the drunkards and night-owls were our only spectators. An exchange of "Aakhon me angaare" (Eyes on fire) type looks set the stage ablaze.

Andre's team mate (let's nick name him 'Turkey') with a rush of emotion within him, looked up and then reached into his pocket, took out his phone and typed. A minute later, we got a notification on our phones that said

You have been tagged in a post:
India Gate.. soccer,live! :)
It's like, you are in the middle of a very serious death scene and someone's phone rings out loud with the ringtone "Ass like that"

I mean....... What ?!?


  1. u dint mention the end result? :P

  2. It didn't matter much in the big picture :P


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