Tuesday, April 5, 2011

When God Cried

It was almost midnight and as I downed another beer, I still couldn't stop shouting, waving and woohoo-ing at every car that passed-by, with animated hands coming out of the windows. After a long wait of 28 years, Proud India - Gaurav Hindustan - Mahaan Bhaarat, had regained the glory. We have won the cricket world cup. And the way we did it - WOW.
Dhoni smacked one right out of the ground and set India ablaze. A fire - that burnt down the mythological Lanka once again - that evoked cries of jubiliation and fiery tears - that marked the end of exile for the Men in Blue. They came. They fought brave. They bled blue. They conquered !
Right since when I was a kid, I have been following cricket diehard, but never ONCE,  have I felt so overwhelmed and so emotional (read 'high intensity emotion'). I was just 2 years old when ONE 16 year-old set foot on the big stage. This child prodigy grew into arguably the greatest cricketer of all time. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar - The God of Cricket - as the common man calls him, was proudly carried atop the strong shoulders of Virat Kohli for a victory lap around his home ground.

"Sachin has carried the burden of the nation for 21 years. It's only fair we carry him now" -  Virat kohli

Wiping off our tears was no help, as they kept coming down anyway. Our eyes had nothing but respect and our hearts had nothing but Euphoria. I stood up on the table of the bar. Semi-drunk anyway, I put my right palm on my chest, holding my heart and I began..."Jana gaṇa mana adhinayaka jaya he......". Soon enough, the 200 capacity bar ended it in unison - "Jaya he jaya he jaya he, Jaya jaya jaya jaya he!".
Sachin was seen with champagne in his right hand and glistening tears in his eyes.
The God was crying and his billion disciples cried with him. Those were the tears of joy. We had seen those tears before. Deja-Vu set upon us right there and it all came flashing back to us :

Stage : World Cup 2003
Venue : Jo'berg
Occasion : India vs Aus, Final

It was humiliating. 
Sluggish India gave into rampant Australian pressure.

Status quo : AVENGED
MOM : Yuvraj Singh

Stage : World Cup 1996
Venue : Eden Gardens
Occasion : India vs SL, Semi-final
Eden Garden staged a riot, literally.
A defiant Sachin couldn't save India.
The most embarrassing defeat in a world cup ever.
Kambli and others left the ground in tears.

Status quo : AVENGED
Braveheart : MS Dhoni

Harbhajan Singh wept into the India flag, Yuvraj Singh couldn't hold back tears either. MS Dhoni, Yuvraj, Zaheer Khan and Gautam Gambhir followed with their arms around each other's shoulders. Virat Kohli, playing in his first World Cup and inconsolable when he had got out earlier, sang Chak de India to the crowd.

And there we were, moistness in our eyes, standing and watching in awe. The feeling will take a while to sink in. The tears will take a while to dry out. The World Cup will take a while to go away from us !! The dream has finally come true.

Dear Sachin,

"Thou art the ruler of the minds of all people,
Dispenser of India's destiny.
Thy name rouses the hearts of PunjabSind,
Gujarat and Maratha,
Of the Dravida and Orissa and Bengal;
It echoes in the hills of the Vindhyas and Himalayas,
mingles in the music of Jamuna and Ganges and is
chanted by the waves of the Indian Sea.
They pray for thy blessings and sing thy praise.
The saving of all people waits in thy hand,
Thou dispenser of India's destiny.
Victory, victory, victory to thee." 

Yours faithfully
We, the People of India

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  1. Very nice.....
    Tune to rula diya......

  2. Awesome man !! Brought a lump in my throat :) :)

  3. awesome.... i still have goosebumps when i'm posting this comment..... it shows how every one of us indians were united in the euphoria. i was jumping around in the streets after india won!! good post man!!

  4. It's right at the top and at the end of the post :-)

  5. You are absolutely right. World cup was the only feather missing from great Little Master’s golden hat. And For us, those who are not seen the 1983 cup, it was a moment which we cherish for the rest of our life.

    "When Sachin Tendulkar travelled to Pakistan to face one of the finest bowling attacks ever assembled in cricket, Michael Schumacher was yet to race a F1 car, Lance Armstrong had never been to the Tour de France, Diego Maradona was still the captain of a world champion Argentina team, Pete Sampras had never won a Grand Slam. When Tendulkar embarked on a glorious career taming Imran and company, Roger Federer was a name unheard of; Lionel Messi was in his nappies, Usain Bolt was an unknown kid in the Jamaican backwaters. The Berlin Wall was still intact, USSR was one big, big country, Dr Manmohan Singh was yet to "open" the Nehruvian economy. It seems while Time was having his toll on every individual on the face of this planet, he excused one man. Time stands frozen in front of Sachin Tendulkar. We have had champions, we have had legends, but we have never had another Sachin Tendulkar and we never will."
    Time Magazine


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