Monday, April 18, 2011

Wednesday Night Fusion

It was a holiday on Thursday and there was nothing that could have turned my Weary Wednesday into a Wonderful one. But, then came Ustad Niladri Kumar with his Zitar and the WAVES and pulses he generated were enough to blow off my or as a matter of fact any fusion lover's mind.

Date:             13th april, 2011
Venue:           Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi
Occasion:      WAVES Musical Concert

Ustad Niladri Kumar is an MTV Emmie awardee and an internationally acclaimed fusion musician. His was a different spell that bound me and my friend for a magical 3 hours. The Zitarist and his band spun a musical web around us with such finesse, I was gripped by two totally opposite feelings. One - Embarrassment - How have I not heard any of his pieces before?. Second - Thankfulness - Thank you Mr. Alexander Jojo for giving us those VVIP Passes. (Well, not 'US' exactly, but that's a different issue altogether).

Their music enchanted us SO, it pretty much made up for the lack of a good camera !

They started off with a piece that progressed with such veracity that it seeped through us right from the top to the bottom - from the temple to the feet - as if it were a hot droplet of water trying to spread joy on a chilly winter morning. They called it their 'Sound Check'. Oh well !

Their next piece 'By the Sea' created what could only be termed as 'Calm Waves' that run through the auditorium creating a bubble of aplomb around us.

They played with their hearts and they sang with our souls. I am pretty sure by the time they play next time, the anticipation itself would have made new fans. I think they would need a bigger auditorium next time.


  1. Such ingratitude after all I did to get the passes for both of you :(

  2. Mr/Ms. Anonymous, had I known of your driving hand behind the "lucky draw", this post would have over-flown with a gratitude-tsunami. Nevertheless, Thanks a lot :P


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