Friday, April 15, 2011

An Embarrassing Profession

It's a business you go into because you're an egocentric. It's a very embarrassing profession.

- Katherine Hepburn

Ego is a thing that everyone has. The only associated question is - Can we keep it under control? Far too many philosophers have deliberated and brain-stormed on the root EGO and its derived words. I was not planning to be one myself until one fateful day. Anna Hazare had shaken the foundation of the government by his Fast-unto-death against Corruption. I came back from the Thursday Night Candle March from India Gate to Jantar Mantar and recounted the soulful scenes I saw to a friend sitting in Canada. To my surprise(or maybe not), he didn't seem to care at all. Was it just the 20,000 odd people who were being idiots or was it him sitting far from the country and not caring at all, who was being an idiot. 

The answer was None of us.

It was his "eccentric ego" that was preventing him to be patriotic. When alone, he might have felt the same patriotism as every Indian was feeling. But, when he was with others, he had many other tasks to attend. In the wake, he showed more importance to those unimportant tasks to prove to his surroundings that 'He Didn't Care'.
Ego is an important discipline. It is like a wheel. The centre of the wheel should be marked perfectly. If the center is eccentric, the wheel turns eccentric. The Ego-centre is developed over time according to how the Surroundings behave with your System.

One can be said to have an "Eccentric Ego" if -
  • One is mostly about oneself during a "bilateral" conversation. But when alone, thinks altruistically about how each component of the surroundings is significant.
  • One forces opinions, however wrong, when face to face. But, sends a deliberated and thought out rectification in a mail/letter later.
  • One acts like a jerk to one's partner in public. But when one gets back home, is all about love.
  • One rides on 1 compliment he got from someone and calls for its bragging rights. But, the 5 critical remarks he got alongwith that 1 compliment remain unnoticed, however true.
Different people cope differently with such Eccentric Egoist - Ignorance, Counter Egoism, Altercations, etc. But the fact remains, this world is full of Egotists.
The only way to tackle them is not be ONE yourself.


  1. ego is like ur underwear, its important that u have it, but not necessary that u show it...

  2. That is a nice post on ego. Its very important to be humble and grounded:)

  3. This is not where I was expecting the post to go with that title and that quote. Feel a bit tricked! Now you should write a post about the acting profession and use a quote from Sigmund Freud.

  4. Hmm...Interesting!! Acting profession coming up soon....


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