Thursday, March 3, 2011

An Urban Trek : Manger-bani

All this while, when we were bored and tired of our monotonous Jobs, all we wanted to do is to get up one morning, grab a bottle of water and a camera, and head towards some mountain. Climb up to its top and 'REFLECT', as my friend Swamy would say. "REFLECT about our lives !!"
Having lived my whole life in Delhi, never have I thought of such a beautiful and serene place as the Village of Manger. Being the part of a city that is notorious for its....
  • High levels of Pollution
  • Population density
  • Crimes against Women,
...the village of Manger is a nice getaway from the busy life. Not just the village, but what it has in store for you - A lush green forest named BANI (pronounced as 'Bunny'). Stretched over 100 hectares, it is an offshoot ridge of the Aravalli Hills (Rajasthan). They say Mangerbani is a virgin forest where not a single sapling has ever been planted or destroyed.
  • Reach Select City Walk, Saket by your own accord.
  • Take the Main Chhattarpur road till the time it joins with the Gurgaon-Faridabad Road.
  • Reach Manger village check post.
  • Take the turn on your left hand side, just opposite to that Check post, you being on the Gurgaon-Faridabad road.
  • Drive carefully on a not so well maintained road for around 6-8 kms before you reach the actual Village of Mangar, where you park your car and begin your trek to BANI.
  • One mountain to the other and into the fields - just a hint for the trek ;-)
Important Landmarks (in order of arrival)
  • Lado Sarai
  • Main Chattarpur Street
  • DLF Farms
  • Fatehpur Beri
  • Asola
  • Mangar Village Check post
  • Bani Forest
The Trek

   The occasional flying peacocks welcome you to Bani. You just can't resist appreciating their flight.

   The villagers fancy a royal ride.

   The uphill trek is pretty simple. You can easily make your way up using...well...their crap tracks!

   Once you reach the top, its really worth the effort. Yes! You really ARE in Delhi.

   Don't be fooled by this guy's smile, the throny twigs can really rip you off. Avoid being cool :-)

    Once, you reach the top of the first mountain, you see this tall brick wall that appears to be the ruin
   of a monument from far, but this is JUST a WALL. And, it is oddly built in the middle of nowhere.
   But you can climb on top of this wall to have a nice view of the forest. Get some fresh air and relax. 

   This is the view from the top of that oddly misplaced WALL, you just saw. Nice, right ?!

    As, I said, this is no Man vs Wild. You won't get any PROTEINS here. So, be properly covered to
   avoid rashes from such thorns and even cactus-es.

   Interestingly, there used to be a Mine right in the mid of the forest. It looks dilapidated now.

    Once you have satiated your trek-hunger, and you return to level ground, you find yourself in the
   middle of a large farm. Beautifully laid and plush green, the farm gives you a lot to cheer about after
   the tiring trek. Plus, you can refill your water resources here, in case you run out.

The solitude of the woods and the sanctity of the place makes it an Urban-secret, worth preserving.


  1. Sums it up quite well. I'ld also recommend however, to take along someone who can spout words of wisdom at the drop of a hat. It might not motivate you, but the sheer mental agony of being bombarded with unwanted information will provide you with sufficient adrenaline rush to complete your getaway in the shortest duration possible.


  2. @Prateek - Wish we had carried a shotgun or a Sledge-hammer

    BTW : Why are you Anonymous? :P

  3. So, blatant publicity works! Nice blog :)

  4. @Supriya - thanks, and yes, you should go blatant with your blog's publicity too. You can take my example :p

  5. Rachit - It's you blog?? WOW!

  6. I know this is quite a late comment... I was reading a newspaper article about manger becoming a tourism centre. I had no idea there was a place like this in Delhi and was searching when I came across your blog. Thank you for this descriptive blog(specially the directions)

  7. Planning to visit Mangar Bani soon, hope to explore nature :)
    Thanks for sharing this Rachit !


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