Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thank You

Dear New-born Me,
THANK YOU (TY) for not having any expectations from this world. I have too many now.

Dear Kindergartener Me,
TY for learning the alphabets. I really appreciate it when I use them in my abuses.

Dear First-Grader Me,
TY for using a chalk and slate to draw random things and then erase easily. I have a pen and a paper now, that is hard to erase.

Dear  Second-Grader Me,
TY for sharing your lunch (however unrelentingly). I don't get a packed lunch to share now.

Dear Third-Grader Me,
TY for learning how to hold a Bat and a Ball. I have a religion in Cricket and a God in Sachin.

Dear Fourth-Grader Me,
TY for getting inspired by Kalpana Chawla and dreaming of becoming an Astronaut. I don't even own a small telescope now.

Dear Fifth-Grader Me,
TY for strengthening your friendship with Miss X and believing that this friendship would go a long way. We hardly talk now.

Dear Sixth-Grader Me,
TY for listening to your mom and becoming a Nerd. TY for being a school topper. TY for believing in yourself and thinking that you would still be an Astronaut someday. I am not at all a Nerd now, neither am I an Astronaut.

Dear Seventh-Grader Me,
TY for ruining your friendship with Miss X. TY for not living upto the expectations of your parents and not being a School topper after studying more than the Sixth-Grader Me. TY for developing an air of superiority around yourself. Now, I am too lazy to show a sense of superiority, neither do I fulfil the pre-requisites to be a "superior" to anyone.

Dear Eighth-Grader Me,
TY for still not talking to Miss X, your attitude kicked balls(your own). TY for getting wary of studies and absorbing the ever increasing parental pressure. TY for being so revolting and growing into an uncontrollably angry child. TY for becoming obese. It took a lot out of me(including the fat) getting back to normal. Plus, now, when I have a better control over that anger(rather very strong), people take me as a wuss. TY so much.

Dear Ninth-Grader Me,
TY for developing humor as a defense mechanism for your anger. TY for making jokes that only you or Miss X could have laughed at. TY for being such a jerk to your new "friend-prospects". I still have no idea the whereabouts of those, whom the Second-Grader Me shared lunch with.

Dear Tenth-Grader Me,
TY for watching porn. I look at every woman with a wolf's popping eyes and a dog's tongue now. TY for your interest in mathematics and the movie 'A Beautiful Mind' that made you think you can go deep into the field of numbers. My salary is the only number I bother about now.

Dear Senior-Secondary Me,
TY for misinterpreting your dream of becoming an Astronaut/Mathematician, as that of becoming an Engineer. TY for being the part of the 'bhed chaal' (mass imitation). TY for your frustrating 2 years trying to get into a good college. TY for maintaining your high-mindedness and a plastic smile. TY for getting through a good college, finally. TY for a dud 2 years of school with no girlfriends. I still pay the price for you being shy then. TY for ruining my social life.

Dear College Me,
TY for changing me 180 degrees. TY for making me realize that I have some worth. TY for making me health conscious. TY for making me a music freak. TY for all the relishes - beer and chicken. TY for making friends again and controlling your ego this time. These friends will go long. TY for boarding your first flight. That was the first and last time(till now) I flew over international waters. But above all, TY for choosing Engineering and having a new dream of working for the AUDIs or the BMWs. I am now nowhere close to that.
TY for a wonderful final year with lots of frustration and over a dozen job-placement rejections. I am a well experienced campaigner now, when it comes to being rejected. TY for graduating, with only one major glitch. That only cost me 2 years of my life with no direction. TY for developing a pretty good (self-proclaimed) sense of humor and developing yet another dream - Entertainment. Though you never took this dream seriously, I, now know that it has always been there in your sub-conscious. I am just a corporate joker now, with my salary and work being the funniest jesters.

Dear Corporate Me,
TY for learning some professional etiquettes and wearing formals. TY for learning that four years of engineering was a complete waste in theory. The only good thing you savoured was the friends you made. Good!
TY for having a new direction in life and deciding to go for an MBA. I am still trying to be one.
TY for improving your social life and not being a miser anymore. TY for staying away from family. I still am. Seriously! Thank you(sarcasms apart).


Dear Confident Me,
TY for being so optimistic about what you said and did. TY for not even faltering once in your efforts to convince your mind that you infact have an edge over others when it comes to talking rubbish. TY for creating a bubble around yourself and myself(directly) that made you believe you could become someone that the School Me dreamt of being. I am now as aimless as the New-born Me. The only difference is that now, I have lot many expectations from this world.
Dear Frustrated Me,
TY for writing this blog. It surely flushed my mind clean again :-)
Yours truly
Unflappable Me


  1. This is disarmingly honest and extremely well written!

  2. Nice post!,elegantly written..., could easily relate them with my life.. :)

  3. hmmm..thts a honest summing up of your life..makes me feel i know so much of you in just 5 minutes ;)

  4. Your best post so far. Brilliant!

  5. nice post dude.
    I mean its really touchy i really liked it.

    To tell you the truth you can get many visitors to your blog just try to improvise you blog.
    change the comment section first.
    nice blog though

    visit mine

  6. I haven't read your other posts yet, but I really liked this one... :P I'll check out the others as well... :P

  7. hi hi u have a great blog design ... and wonderful writing skills.. i going thru your other blogposting and would be recommending to all my friends .

  8. Haha!!!So nice! This is definitely a nice way to rethink and reflect upon your life! :) Loved the style of writing! Continue the good work. Keep writing!!!

  9. Awesome, man...........just awesome.......I have now become a COMPRESSOR of u......:P

  10. Frank and honest to yourself....and dont you think thats the best part in you? You know where you are right and where you go wrong and true to yourself..

    Nice post!

  11. u forgot to write..." TY for letting me have the courage to approach n. sachdeva and tell him that you definitely went for the first time over international waters....:):)

    But very well written....prolly your most articulately written blog!!

  12. Haha, Thank you suhas, this is probably your most civilized comment!!

  13. nothing short of sheer brilliance !


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