Friday, March 4, 2011

Impulsive Cerebration

Did it ever occur to you that the daily, trivial conversations you hear or get involved in, may actually have a deep-rooted meaning to it?
That if you think diligently, you are more involved in the SYSTEM of 'Conversationalists' and turn a blind eye to the SURROUNDINGS of 'Interpretors' ?

The previous day I happen to eavesdrop on a conversation between some Conversationalists - A Mother and her ignorant son - and some Interpretors - a poor, sensitive girl.

Son: What brand should I choose to get my suit made for the interview?
Mom (calling out to a poor girl outside to come up and collect some food) : Buy whatever suits you, dont bug me right now.
Mom to poor girl: Chandni beti, had your lunch already?
Poor Girl: Nai, Maa is not back from work yet. The construction site manager is very strict about work hours.
Son: How about Blackberry or Van Huesen, although they are a touch expensive.
Mom (semi-attentive): Huh? Your money. Spend it on whatever you like. Just don't crib about anything later, like you always do.
Mom (to poor girl): Do you like Biscuits ??
Poor girl nods and says "Cream waale biscuits"
Son: How about Raymonds. They just want 7000 for making you a 'complete man' (he intended pun!).

As soon as the amount 7000 sprung up, the poor girl's face turned wary and shy. He would have surely hoped on becoming a 'Complete Man' in that amount, but for once had he been careful of boasting his wealth in front of the poor girl, he would not surely have missed some figures :
- According to a 2007 report by the state-run National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganized Sector (NCEUS), 65% or 750 million Indians live on less than Rs. 7200 per annum.
- Leave aside suits, over 40% of the people living in remote areas don't have proper clothing and shelter to save them from the weather gods.
These things do not immediately hit us because we are not on the receiving end. We are just SO self involved sometimes. All we think of is US, turning a blind eye to THEM. But, basically US and THEM are the branches of the same plant, deep-rooted into the soils of Humanity. The US branch grew a bit longer than the THEM branch. All they were short of was some Xylem/Phloem(Nourishment) and some Sunlight(Exposure).

Only if, the SEEDER was considerate enough to water the plant on a daily basis.


  1. Your concern for the poor and destitute is admirable, but to extend it beyond the realm of hypocrisy, we need to do more than blogging and commenting about it. Mere sympathy is of no use to the poor until we take steps that can actually make their lives better, no matter how marginal the effect might be. As for the ostentatious display of wealth, some flaunt their new suit, others their new HTC mobile: each according to his means.

  2. Will you buy a particular item unless you see it being advertised on the Television? The Analogy holds true with basically anything. You need to advertise and make people aware. Till the time, One's conscience is helped, you can't ante up the unflaggingness for the same.
    As for helping the needy first-hand...yes, there is no alternative to that. But, think of it, if you just be careful with your attitude towards THEM, the feeling of THEM being an 'outcast' will diminish faster than the battery of one's HTC mobile.

    US and THEM will just become WE

  3. I agree with you Rachit, consistently generating awareness will help SO CALLED rich people who are least bothered about the words which they use carelessly or may be intentionally, can hurt other's sentiments.

  4. Well written Rachit! Your post shows the effects of ever increasing economic gap between the sections of our society and the lack of empathy regarding this. Thanks for creating such awareness.

  5. Do you really need to 'advertise' about poverty on a blog to generate awareness? Just stepping out of the comfort of your house will provide you with ample evidence of the appalling levels of poverty that surround us. Yet people choose to happily ignore the pleadings of the beggar on the pavement or the overtures of a kid trying to sell you flowers at a street-light. If your conscience is not stirred by a real life situation, you can scarcely hope to do so through a mere blog.

  6. Prateek, I am not 'advertising poverty'. I shared a feeling that I came across and I am 'advertising' that FEELING - so that if someone comes across a similar situation, they might as well be considerate enough(as was the idea conveyed by the blog).
    -Regarding stirring conscience, there is a good example in the blog entry and it is a real life situation. The people who choose to 'happily ignore' might as well 'happily ignore' this blog too. But, if ONE took the pain to READ, one might a well take the pain to DELIBERATE too.

  7. Ah.. ok. Point taken. Well said.

  8. Nice depiction and good use of words :P..went well :)

    new in check my blog out too :)

  9. Thank You Red Handed! And I must say, yours is a very interesting blog :)


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