Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thank You

Dear New-born Me,
THANK YOU (TY) for not having any expectations from this world. I have too many now.

Dear Kindergartener Me,
TY for learning the alphabets. I really appreciate it when I use them in my abuses.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Impulsive Cerebration

Did it ever occur to you that the daily, trivial conversations you hear or get involved in, may actually have a deep-rooted meaning to it?
That if you think diligently, you are more involved in the SYSTEM of 'Conversationalists' and turn a blind eye to the SURROUNDINGS of 'Interpretors' ?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

An Urban Trek : Manger-bani

All this while, when we were bored and tired of our monotonous Jobs, all we wanted to do is to get up one morning, grab a bottle of water and a camera, and head towards some mountain. Climb up to its top and 'REFLECT', as my friend Swamy would say. "REFLECT about our lives !!"
Having lived my whole life in Delhi, never have I thought of such a beautiful and serene place as the Village of Manger. Being the part of a city that is notorious for its....
  • High levels of Pollution
  • Population density
  • Crimes against Women,
...the village of Manger is a nice getaway from the busy life. Not just the village, but what it has in store for you - A lush green forest named BANI (pronounced as 'Bunny'). Stretched over 100 hectares, it is an offshoot ridge of the Aravalli Hills (Rajasthan). They say Mangerbani is a virgin forest where not a single sapling has ever been planted or destroyed.
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