Tuesday, January 25, 2011

3 Sections of an Engineer's life

Note: This post is not for People who have been a nerd or fully focussed through out their lives. You are just a minority!!

Lately, I have observed that if you take out a phase-element from your life-lived-so-far and analyze it carefully, you will realize that there were 3 major sections that affected that phase-element, the most. And I'm quite sure, that would be the case with almost all Engineers here in India. Continue reading and you'd more assertive !

STAGE I : School
You are a regular school goer. Taking home-made lunch to school. Carrying your I-cards. Your school diary.Your newest buys so that you can show them off. Your tie in your bag and tying it as soon as pointed out. You take ephemeral happiness in sitting at the back bench, right next to the window, with the view of the playground or the canteen or the basketball court, watching others play, specially girls...and eating your tiffin. You stealthily watch porn back at home.
You are HAPPY !!
Then, You enter High school and BOOM !! 3 sections :
1. Engineering.
2. Medical.
3. Commerce.
So you choose Engineering.
Just MAKING THE CHOICE for a general aimless student is enough to suck away all prior happiness from his life. The playground is replaced by coaching institutes, in lieu of making it to the IITs.

STAGE II : Just After School
Okay, so now....You have completed school, played, enjoyed alongwith giving all the mind-boggling entrances that you thought would be your last. But to your misery, you didnt get through to the best, IITs lets say. You are left helpless and Aimless(as if you werent before).
The choices left with you are again 3 fold :
1. Get into the second/third best college and enjoy college as it comes.
2. Drop out and start preparing again(as if) for the next year.
3. Take up general courses, enjoy the 'Eclectic Douchebaggery'.

STAGE III : College
You are a collegiate now. You have baggy low waist jeans and loose t-shirts to wear. Your side-parting-style turns into Cool-Shaggy-style. You are a 'doohood'. You are a ragger. You are a stud. You bag girls like never before. You are a bunch of blokes with beer bottles and ciggys in hands. You don 'Ray-Ban'. You listen to PINK FLOYDs and BOB MARLEYs. You play football. You are a fantasy football league manager. You own a guitar. You play that guitar. You are all that takes to go public with that guitar. You form bands. You bunk classes. You go for faux internships just to roam around the globe. You have NO AIM for the future.

You are HAPPY !! .....again!!
Then, college ends and people come up to you and curiously ask "Where are you working??" and BOOM!!!
3 Pillars of a successful reply to that Question :
1. Pursuing MBA.
2. Working, but need a change already.
3. Following my college passion - open a band / start a company / only girls ..only sex/ become the President and change the country's political system / get high daily and attend concerts / do nothing.
BTW : Over 80% of MBA passouts these days are Engineers.
          Over 50% of Engineers who pursue MBA sell soaps/detergents to people just because they want more money.
So you start working in order to prove that 4 years of college was not a waste "technically".

You are a graduate now. You have a decent enough job in your engineering field. You are earning and excited about your first salary. You are having a honeymoon at your first Job. You spend your first few salaries on things you always wanted to buy for yourself. You are self-dependent. You have professional dates. You wear formals and think Formals are the best thing to wear when you see Ladies at your office wearing them. You are a 'Social Drinker' now.
But, after an year of training, when you get to actual work, the Chateaus of the superficial dream kingdom you built turns into Dilapidated ruins !!
You are given a draftsman's work. You are the lowest level employee in the company. You start cribbing about the salary too. You are unhappy the way your boss talks to you. You start wondering - Why did you choose Engineering in the first place ?! You start preparing for the MBA Entrance exams to change your career path. You want to be a manager now. Manage what? That, You are still to decide !!
You are a wannabe manager from the IIMs and BOOM !!
1. You need good 'Quantitative abilities'.
2. Your 'Analytical skills' should be 'mind-blasting'.
3. You should be able to speak English better than the English themselves. 
          "That girl and me" ..no no .."That girl and I"...HUH!

You think after you became a Manager, your life decisions would become Binary. Yes or No. To be or Not To be. O' you would SO differ later.Even the biggest dilemmas of life are not binary. The famous Prisoner's dilemma had 3 sections :
- one blames other
- both blame each other
- no one blames no one
People say US people have no goal clarity. The moment THEY see an Engineer-cum-MBA, THEY become self-proclaimed critics of our lives. THEY say they have been living a life of Selection. But, to think of it, from equal bags of Bitter and Sweet that were given to both US and THEM
- THEY have tasted more sweet and await more bitter.
- US have tasted more bitter and await more sweet.
Now, You can proudly say "Sir, I beg to differ !! I am living a life of Elimination".

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3 sections shall never evade :-)


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