Thursday, December 16, 2010

The One with the Moo Point

It is funny how sitcom jargon has been an intricate part of our colloquial talks. Everytime a new television series gains popularity, our day to day conversations seem clearly permeated by its characters and its dialogues. And it is not only the new ones, the old ones seem to make an impression too, much stronger infact!

I was just sitting and thinking about the topic of my first blog, talking over gtalk to a friend of mine. He was like "Going to a christmas party boi, will have fun ...". I inquired about the booze. Affirmative ! But he doesn't drink (!!). All what came to my mind was "What's the use of going if you won't live upto the expectations of the party. You being there is just a MOO POINT".
Friend - Im sorry, A Moo Point?
Me - Yes, it is like the Cow's opinion. It doesnt Matter. It is just MOOO !!
Friend - dimaag na chaat yaar!!
Ohkay, so it is funny only when JOEY says it and a hot girl (RACHEL) asks the same question, HUH!!

For those who are wondering, what the hell am I talking about. Its Sitcoms! and it's F.R.I.E.N.D.S (click here for video) !!
You start watching friends ; by the time you are finished with the second season, you have become the "Seventh Friend".

On a weekday, You wake up early in the morning to a sound of a Rooster and a Duck. You have an early morning betting game with your friends regarding the kind of shopping you did last night. You go out to Central Perk to have a coffee. Rachel serves you well(no double entendre). You go out to work - You are a chef. You are an actor. You are a Paleontologist. You are a roadside guitarist and a masseuse. You are a fashion-freak waitress. You are .....what was Chandler's job again ? are funny ! You hit on girls. You have relationships, childhood sweethearts, crushes, boyfriend/girlfriend rituals. You have Giant Pigeons, ugly naked guys. You use humour as a defence mechanism. You are a kook. You are prude. You know science. You are married (thrice). Your girlfriend is a lesbian. You are jewish. You are a loner. You are italian. You are THE most significant person for someone. You are F.R.I.E.N.D.S........All but for your daily dose of humour!

So, if you imitate them, mimic them, quote them, even make their dialogues - your own, and use it on you non-"Friends" watching friends....It's FINE! It shows how a mere sitcom affects people socially, culturally, psychologically. How these sitcoms become the permanent flavor of your mouth. How some people live what they love !

By the time you finish with this amazingly made sitcom. People ask "What will be life after Friends?"

Moo Point ?!


  1. begin by saying that somethings are way more than being moo points. Sitcoms will always be talked about in our society for they lend to it a sense of relaxation, a surrogate way of living of life(which we always want how our life should be lived,rather than the present state of affairs..) and above all making fun of things in the most entertaining of ways.
    People start relating to sitcoms,especially the Indian saas bahu serials or the reality shows.
    and regarding the "moo point of balh blah blah..G$#@$ maar li jaayegi...) well there were girls and the boozes...everything was enjoyed. BUt, in the end it all becomes a moo point as theres another party to attend tonight. Let the fun begin...:):)

  2. "You start watching friends ; by the time you are finished with the second season, you have become the "Seventh Friend"."
    ---So True...:)

  3. @PC - Friends is a "Barcalounger" :D


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