Monday, December 27, 2010

2 - New Okhla Industrial "Development" Authority

So there we were, after the Fateful Robbery finishing off what we ordered at the stake of my beloved "Late" cellphone. The manager comes up and says "Sir, the tapes are ready, if you want to see them".

We went in and with one eye each on 2 camera angles we were seeing, tried to spot the culprit.

But you know, India is a developing country. This developing country has a developing region up-north called NOIDA, which comes under a pretty much under-developed state called Uttar Pradesh, which ultimately is controlled by a retard called Mayawati, for whom the state is "progressing" if -
- she gets a $30,000 (Rs 13 crore) note-necklace OR
- there are enough places/roads named after herself OR
- there are enough Dalit Parks(no offence)
- there are enough of her mannequins or statues or watever !
Had she taken care of corruption and keeping a check on the irregularities like Proper security cameras at important places, Auto-licensing, Police Chowkis and a check on Police behaviour, proper education system, with similar diligence as she shows for getting her statues completed, Things would have been completely different.

So we went inside the control room and tried to spot the thief. Even Sherlock Holmes' magnifying glass couldn't have spotted anything. So that was a bummer !

We left for the nearby police station soon after, to lodge an FIR, so that I could try and track the phone and get a duplicate SIM card.

First of all it was not a station, it was more like a small room or the size of a public toilet.
Then, the Incharge of that police "station" talked Shit. No surprises, considering it was actually a toilet !
I don't know what happened...I was narrating my story to him, he gibbered something to the constable nearby and both discussed gibberish for a while finally concluding that it was me who dropped the phone and there was no case of Theft to be registered. However hard we tried to convince them, they didnt budge. After all the mutual pestering, we were asked to go to the other "Station" and were told that the crime place wasnt in their scope after all .

So Today I went to that rebound station, It actually looked like a Police Station, a "THANA" in popular parlance. So, I went in with another friend, they asked me to write down the details of the incident. As soon as I started writing how it got stolen, he stopped me and said authoritatively "Write that you lost your phone and nothing about anyone stealing it".
I was like, no no it got stolen, have checked the cctv wo .....fundas galore !

Bluntly he gave me the address of another police station saying, this is the main police station of NOIDA, go there, they will listen to you....we dont have much time here !

So that does it. ...I will not stand this abuse !!

I will go the other station ONE last time ...if they dont write a report for a theft ....

I'll let them write it for a misplacement atleast :(


  1. well i sympathise with your loss and pray that the god almighty gives you the strength to bear this grave emptiness caused by its loss...:)...well written piece and we all know that the police wallahs in india are a bunch of scumbags and that the police stations are no more than the nearest brothel where these pimps openly desecrate the use of such a place. everyone talks about the crimes committed, the blasts, the terrorist attacks...why dont they understand the logic behind poor track down on criminals. The reason is that these police wallahs are themselves involved some way or the other.These lazy asses only want their crime data sheets to show 100% success while not writing down maximum number of the complete list of FIRs.

  2. Same shit. Same city. Different year. Different police station.

  3. @PC - Important thing to notice here is same 'CITY'. I recalled this story to another friend and I got a similar response - same city, different time.

    A kaala baal in a kaali daal :P


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