Monday, December 27, 2010

1 - The Fateful Robbery

Late to sleep,
Late to rise
Christmas night whiskey,
still showed in my eyes.

Morning chill,
Foggy morning
But it was tragedy that lurked
without any warning

Oh watever !!

I was attending this session wherein they discussed some abstract topics for a General Group Discussion.
The first topic, the Guy who was addressing us, gave us was. "26". Although it was a random topic, we were told to discuss our first thoughts, regarding the number "26", with each other.
There were numerous throw-ins of the Ball. Thoughts like
- 26/11 Mumbai attacks
- 26 is unlucky for me
- 26 is lucky for me
- Numerology and shit
- Boxing Day
- Football matches, Cricket matches, hockey matches, Kundli matches!

Who knew this 26th, this Boxing Day, I would be SUCKER-PUNCHED straight to the nuts, taken to the hospital but not given medical attention because apparently they think I scratched them too hard and got them bruised making it completely "my bad" !

After the GD session, I came back to my place. There was this friend who wanted a phone number which was in my old phone, a meek 6030 Nokia model(although a priced possession). I switched SIMs and gave him the number and was about to leave for dinner with my OLD phone with 2 other friends. But I thought "Let me switch back to the new one, since most of the numbers are in it". Luck....What the Fuck!!
Then there was an argument over where to eat, which after a long brainstorming session ended at KFC.

Following Events in KFC are in chronological order :

- Order placed
- 5 minutes wait
- Attended a phone call (last one, on my beloved phone)
- Checked the bill, some mistake
- Argued over the bill at the counter, which was later sorted out
- Took the Order with both hands, handed it over to a friend.
- Hands in pocket
- No phone

- Checked the floor....NOPE
- Asked the counter....NOPE
- Asked the guard at the exit to check everyone leaving the place...Got "the sorry-cant-do-it Look"
- Looking at everyone with an eye of suspicion
- Getting piteous looks from everyone
- Didn't even notice the hot, empathic girl, standing next to me...!
- Manager arrives, offers to show us the CCTV camera tapes after they fast forward it to "crime time"
- A Long wait of 15 minutes, enough for us to eat the Bucket full of tasteless chicken and fill my once-empty, now-full-of-confused-sadness stomach, thinking what good would the video footage be....after all we would have to deal with the UP police.....which in itself is Bloody Murder ! be continued....


  1. aur khao..........bhugto...........

  2. I think you should mention that bloody jacket of yours too....

  3. damn good writing skills man.. i never knew this side of yours!!


    The next part


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