Monday, December 20, 2010

Wish you were here...

The Fender be his sword
The Division Bell play the precursor
Sir Gilmour with his plectrum
making the world moan...
string by string....pluck by pluck !
The song begins with the usual mystique that whets our whims. Then it gradually oozes out transient waves across the crowd with Mr. David Gilmour himself doing godly wonders with the guitar. Everytime you see the video, you feel an instant urge to be there. To time travel and be the audience. To witness the Bearer of Light. To witness the Dark side of the moon. To feel what the Floyd was all about. The only vicarious pleasure i take is by imagining myself amongst the crowd and feeling the AWW when the Ball above the stage, lights up and starts breaking down like an EGG, on the command of the Virtuoso. I might not be able to see him play LIVE in this lifetime.
For, I know not, wherein shall thou play, next!!

India has missed out on some serious stuff, most of them Music-related. For once I dreamt of being in a concert, I was introduced to the concept of FLOYD. They gave a new definition and direction to the genre "psychedelic and progressive". Their words form the paraphernalia for philosophy. This is like the 4th time I saw the video while writing this blog and words have evaded me. I just hope time comes when Mr. David Gilmour enlightens India, any part of it for that matter (I will be there!).

Shine on us...Sometime...You Crazy Diamond...

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